"I want to see more power in the hands of residents. I want to see a beautiful and connected Meanjin/Brisbane that everyone can access."

Hi, I'm Kath and I'm your candidate for Lord Mayor of Meanjin/Brisbane.

I'm an early childhood educator, midwife and community volunteer.

I've put my hand up to be Lord Mayor because I'm tired of our communities being left behind in daily decisions made by the council. I want the people of Meanjin/Brisbane to be the priority - not wealthy developers and big corporations.

As your Lord Mayor, I will bring community voices back to the table, particularly on issues like neighbourhood plans, to make sure we have plenty of green spaces and public transport that works for you. 

This is our city. We should have a say in the various council decisions affect our families. I know many of you feel like you don't have a say and that's something I am determined to fix. Referendums on the final drafts of neighbourhood plans would be one way I would change town planning as your Lord Mayor.

Together, we can work together to shape the future of our city and create a more vibrant, liveable Meanjin/Brisbane.


Will you join me? 

Authorised by K Carra for The Greens, Brisbane - AN 2020/0139