At the moment it seems like politics is completely disconnected from the things we actually care about.

We can change this.

On 28 March the people of Brisbane will be casting their vote to decide what kind of local government will be shaping Brisbane for the next four years. This is your chance to have your say, to tell your representatives what you want for your city. Let's make it count.

Our candidates and members have been out in the community, listening to the concerns of local residents. From over-development to traffic jams, unsafe roads and unreliable public transport, we have heard the call for a Brisbane which is more affordable, more accessible and greener.


We believe that everyone within the community deserves equal opportunities and

the right to a good life in Brisbane.

Check out the key initiatives we're focussing on this election...

Authorised by K Carra for The Greens, Brisbane - AN 2020/0139